Richard had been wanting a Jeep. Trips out West had made it clear that for out West exploration, the Jeep is where it's at.


   So when we we moved to El Paso in late 2011, a Jeep was in order. And ordered it was! A custom order, that is.


   Richard went all out and got a Rubicon. Since we picked up that BIG ASS JEEP in early 2012, we've driven the heck out of it (well, Richard has anyway. Lisa's a gung-ho BIG ASS JEEP passenger). BIG ASS JEEPS are meant for driving.


   Check out Richard's BIG ASS JEEP and all the fun adventures it (and we) have had. There's always plenty more to explore in that BIG ASS JEEP.

   So, for pretty much the first time in my life, I'm not driving a sports car. And I have to say that it is more fun under 5 mph than it is over 100 mph. Expecially out here!


   Here are the specs: 2012 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. ORF front and rear bumpers, 9000 lb Warn winch, ORF body armor and ORF swingate with a couple of Rotopax jerry cans. The extra fuel comes in *real* handy out here where it can be well in excess of 100 miles between gas stations.