Lisa here......I've always loved to cook and bake. My aunt bought me a kid's cookbook before I even knew how to read, and that Easy Bake Oven I received for Christmas at back in the late 60s really sealed the deal. I was hooked!


   I've gone from baking itsy-bitsy Easy Bake biscuits and cake-lets to baking big ol' trays of cookies for throngs of hungry campers, restaurant diners, and church group members. I still love to bake, and I especially love baking things I also like to eat (cheesecake, anyone?).


   Since I met Richard in 1997, I've introduced him to the wonders of good food. While we're very different in what we like to eat, we both enjoy dining on food we find delicious, whether at home or away from home.


   Join us as we take in good 'n tasty eating opportunities at home and during  our travels. And don't miss our eating out blog, called (not surprisingly)  It All Started With An Easy Bake Oven.


   Bon Appetit!