Who wouldn’t want to be married by Elvis???? Well, I can think of a couple people. But for Richard and me, being married by Elvis was “the bomb.” I’ve never called something “the bomb” until now. But take my word for it..this wedding was it! When we got engaged, we knew that a traditional wedding just wasn’t our style. So what was our style? A shin-dig at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, of course! It was hard to choose from so many great options – gangster wedding, beach party wedding, pirate wedding. Oh, my! But in the end, Elvis won out. Come on, this was Vegas.


   So how much fun was it? Tons. The only thing that could make it better would be pre-wedding trips to the Liberace Museum and a tattoo parlor (so of course, we indulged). And the wedding itself? How can you beat getting hitched by Elvis? Take a look for yourself at our hunk o’ burnin’ love….